Protect your asset and futurethrough mansion management

Ensuring the safe, secure and comfortable living environment for residents as well as maintaining and operating the valuable properties of owners are important missions imposed on us. Therefore, we conduct regular building inspections for facilities and equipment which is needless to say, we also provide robust support with daily management affairs and walk altogether with owners, residents and local communities as partners.

Consignment Management Service

We will support mansion life through various lifestyle support services such as managing the mansions and managing unions, with maintaining a safe and comfortable environment as the priority. The mansion administrator in charge is partner to all, facilitating the operation between the General Assembly / Board Management / Clerical / Fire Prevention Management Assistance and others.
The administrator in charge is the window to the management company, is in charge of attending general assembly and board meeting, preparing for the meetings, making related documents and submitting the management affairs reports. Additional tasks include drafting budget proposals and agenda for unions, introducing and advising case examples for studying and providing instructions for fellow administrators and cleaning workers.

Accounting Service

We manage the daily deposit and withdrawal of administration fees and repair and reserve funds through administrative cooperative accounts, as well as monthly and annual settlements.

Building Management Service

Proper repairs and renovation is related to maintaining the asset value of the mansion and leading a safe and comfortable living environment, therefore an important task for the management association.
We will support everyone by offering repair planning / inspection / proposal / implementation for the mansion, and we will make effective proposals for building maintenance and preservation.

24-HOUR Remote Monitoring System

Fire alarms, smoke detectors, gas leak detectors etc. in the mansion are monitored by the remote 365-day-24-hour monitoring system. In case of abnormality, security company and cooperating company will provide speedy and appropriate support, together protecting your mansion life.